About jewels of hip hop

Jewels are the passion project of King Tholysses, a hip hop aficionado who spent two years creating a 900-page book tracking the wisdom and life lessons shared by hip hop artists throughout the ages. From the insights of early pioneers to the epiphanies of modern artists, hip hop philosophy forms the cornerstone of the Jewels brand. Ultimately, King Tholysses wants to share the lessons he has learned himself: that the only boxes we live in are the ones we make for ourselves, and that life is created twice — once in the mind and again in physical reality.

When you wear Jewels, you get to show up as your best self. You show your dedication to integrity and accountability. You join King Tholysses, who practices what his brand teaches. Years ago, he realized that the inspiration and wisdom he found in hip hop could be compiled and shared. He dedicated himself to writing a book about it and spent two years in his local library, devoting every spare hour he had to write. He ate 60-cent cans of beans, vegetables, and rice, not realizing that his passion was enriching his own character and discipline. Today, he’s on fire to help people realize their own potential for greatness.

Hip hop has always been a rich source of hard-earned wisdom. It has earned its place in the field of philosophy, where it offers fresh honesty and crucial inspiration. Join the Jewels community and approach life on your terms. Learn more today.